Where to all the Readers come from?

The first two days of August have averaged almost 2,000 new readers. That’s up from the 300’s a couple days earlier. I hope they don’t crowd out my original Eight loyal readers. I hope a few of the newbies speak English although if they don’t it may aid them in making sense of my ranting.

Certainly I have never worked all that hard to sensibly edit my blog pieces. They’ve always been a little TMI for most people’s taste. It reminds me of the tale an old college friend told me about a derelict he lived with at the Bethel. (it was an apartment that housed inebriates up through the seventies) The Derelict used to boast how he’d get free beer from Fitgers Brewery by stealing up to an outside wall and holding a tankard up to a pipe that let out discarded brew that leaked downhill into Lake Superior.

My blog is sort of like that swill. Its not really a fully finished product fit for retail but it can make you see pink elephants.

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