To honor my Grandfather can I even remain a Republican?

As i’ve repeated ad nauseum my Grandfather set me straight when I was in Junior High. He only voted for one Democrat and it was the worse decision of his life. He voted for Woodrow Wilson because he pledged to keep America out of War. By the time I was in junior High the damned Democrats had gotten America into four wars. WW1, WW2, Korea and Vietnam.

My Grandfather was a Kansas Republican and I heard his warning echoed in 1976 when Kansan and VP candidate Bob Dole debated Democrat VP Candidate Fritz Mondale. He inadvertently outraged veterans across America by saying Democrats started wars.

Since that time Republicans in office have started no less than three wars. Iraq One and Two and Afghanistan. They have out Woodrow Wilsoned the Democrats that my Grandfather warned me about. So should I honor my Grandfather by supporting Republians because of Grandfather’s experience with Democrats during his lifetime or support Democrats today because of my experience with Republican wars over the course of the last twenty years?

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