Lincoln Day Dinners

Until Ronald Reagan the Republican Party used to hold Lincoln Day Dinners. They are out of fashion much as the Democrats no longer bother with Jefferson-Jackson Day dinners. FDR and Kennedy eclipsed the former and neither of them were slave owners. Times change. Damn shame about Lincoln though. He doesn’t change. He just gets deeper. Maybe Spielsberg’s movie will help reintroduce him. He loved Shakespeare and by God his Presidency was worthy of a couple of Will’s plays. Fitting, perhaps, that an actor should have been his assassin.

As I was sculpting this afternoon I fixated on Lincoln Day Dinners. I’ve threatened in recent posts to resume my association with the GOP. I’d be a bit like Marley’s ghost to Scrooge. It occurred to me that I could sponsor one and invite everyone who feels that they want to make some statement about having been disowned by the gate keepers of the Grand Old Party when it shrunk Ronald Reagan’s Big tent and limited its attendance to revivalists, speaking in tongues and folks who take for granted that their riches guarantee them a seat at the table. A few of us old timers might show up to demonstrate that our old loyalties die hard.

I organized one Lincoln Day Dinner back in College. We made some money although courting reluctant volunteers led to my punching a wall and breaking my hand.

I could promote similar Lincoln Day Dinners for Obamacons. When the Democrats really do dive off the wall of ultraliberalism a new saner less paranoid Republican Party could right the ship of state just like Abraham Lincoln did.

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