A second helping of a friend’s and my email exchange

Following up on the previous email exchange:

On Wed, Jan 23, 2013 at 10:13 AM, (a friend) wrote:

And that is what they are counting on. They probably took that bet from the beginning. Just like Ford weighed the profits/liabilities of the Pinto yet went forward.

I have heard many people say they will never give them another dime. RP + 12% levy increase is just too much for people to stomach.

To which I replied:

They lost that gamble, (Friend). And they are still losing it.

The South is still fighting the Civil War. Somebody ought to beat the damn sword into a ploughshare.


This does not in any way mean that I intend to stop taking an unflinching look at what is happening in our Post Red Plan Schools or making honest (and sometimes caustic) evaluations of what I’m seeing.

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