Moral Dilemma

I find myself wearing the same damn shoes I wore in 1973. I’d protested our involvment in Vietnam in peace marches. My opinion was that we had no idea what we were doing there and that our presence was making things worse. I thought that the “domino theory” (which warned us that one nation’s fall to communism would knock others into the communist orbit) was simple minded. I also thought it was a great insult to the power of democracy and free enterprise.

On the other hand we had made Vietnam our business and hundreds of thousands of Vietnamese had taken us at our word and cast their lot with us. Our leaving would be their doom.

Few peaceniks paid heed to this embarassing fact during Vietnam and too few pay it heed today in Iraq.

It’s true that peace activists have learned a thing or two since Vietman. In the Seventies a few dimwits thought it was cool to spit on returning troops. Today’s peace activists slogans all seem geared at doing what’s best for our troops by bringing them home.

I don’t know what we can do at this sorry point in Condaleeza and George’s war to save the Iraqies from our elephantine meddling but the peace movement’s silence on this subject leaves me as cold as the exploitation of the war by Turd blossom for partisan advantage. 

From Andrew Sullivan - We should think long and hard before we leave these Iraqies behind to deal with the mess we’ve left them. Much credit is owed to the US troops who would rather risk life and limb than let these people down.

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