Old dog, new trick

My thirteen loyal readers are still sticking to Lincolndemocrat even though they are tested every time I pause to live my life rather than blog too slavishly. Its only been a couple days but (aw dammit cat. Yeah, go ahead and sit on my lap……no no don’t brush your head against my hannnnnnnsdsds. And leave the yellow marker alone!)

As I was saying. Its only been a couple days but I haven’t felt compelled to share any thoughts with the blogosphere. I have been busy. I decided to join the seeming new majority of folks who look at their laps while driving and get a real, honest to john super duper cell phone. I also thought about giving this post the title “celling out.” The next post will explain the more hopeful title I’ve given this one.

Up until now I had what I asked for – a cell phone for dummies. Its only made calls and allowed for text messages. I had it three years before I even used the texting function. It was so cumbersome I hated to text. When i finally joined in my son criticized me for sounding like a teenage girl to wit: “Going 2 store c u l8er.” He even sent it to friends to make fun of me. No apolpogies from me. It saved about five minutes in locating the right letters on the keypad. It also gave me an appreciation for the flexibility of language.

I’m not for (4) doing things the old way for tradition’s sake. I just hate to spend time learning new tricks when I’m perfectly satisfied with the old tricks. I got my first computer in 1984 because I hated the time I wasted correcting all my mistakes on a manual typewriter.

The issue for me now is that suddenly my daughter puts loads of instant pictures of my grandsons on her facebook page and I don’t see them unless my wife shows me on her phone. I’ve had to bite two bullets. Facepage and a fancy Samsung Galaxy 3 cell phone. I also learned how to use my wife’s kindle on a recent trip to Chicago to post on lincoln democrat. Pretty soon I should be able to do it on the cell phone too (although I can do it faster on my laptop).

So I’m now a cell out. Please don’t expect to see my driving by ant time soon, however, with my eyes glued to my lap. I’d make an exception where such behavior is concerned and let the NRA perform drive-by’s on such folk. I just hope Google hurries up with its computer driven cars.

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