PS on the swimming pools

I suspect that the JCI/Red Plan schools are saving no more energy than the JCI schools built for the St. Louis County School system. Add to that disappointment some rumors to the effect that some of our new school classrooms are every bit as uncomfortable as they ever were being hot one moment and then cold the next. This would make them lousy environment to study in especially if they are as overcrowded as reported. Who can blame the old members of the Duluth School Board for not wanting to know how this all came to pass?

When I first moved to Minnesota a new kid told me that the pool at Mankato High School was unheated in the winter and kids had to jump through ice on top to swim. I was worried he might be telling the truth. I used to be a high school swimming coach and all I can say is that it doesn’t sound all that far fetched here in Duluth.

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