Putting the hood in neighbor

Things don’t sound good at Denfeld:

Something is different at Denfeld High School this year, and students are scared. That was the sentiment from parents Thursday night as they met with the school”s administration to discuss fights involving students on and off school grounds.

I’ve been hearing rumors from multiple sources that its not just students who are afraid at Denfeld but some teachers. I’ve also heard that in some classes the disruptions of last year are less troublesome. These are just rumors, of course and I’ve not been in the new Denfeld to see for myself. I decided after reading this story that the word is getting out so I decided to add my two cents and that’s about all my opinion is worth.

I like principal Sconiers and imagine that her no nonsense attitude is helping keep Denfeld on a relative even keel but even she has had to seek help from parents to deal with the unintended consequence of the Red Plan’s poor execution. She once lectured me about my opposition to the Red Plan. She’s sort of a Mitt Romney get on the buss Republican. Think Congressman Allen West or Limbaugh blasted Michael Steele.

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