The Best GOP candidate available in 2012 – Pt 2

My Buddy who so often annoys me with the drivel from the bought-and-paid-for-GOP pundits redeemed himself big time this morning by sending me the explanation for why Mitt Romney was the best candidate the GOP could muster in 2012. The only sane GOP candidate this year Mitt was one of the last remnants of the defunct moderate wing party. To win he had to disguise his moderation to the point of making his mind as opaque as a black hole.

Why is this so? Because the GOP and its pundits have built their outhouses under the outhouse of the real leader of the party one whom they never dare cross or contradict.

This is the email from my Buddy. It was titled “Humor from the Oval Office.” The joke was told by Wyoming’s former GOP Senator Alan Simpson. One of the good Republican’s and sadly retired.

From Bob Woodward’s, The Price of Politics , regarding Obama’s selection of Senator Alan Simpson for the Bowles Simpson commission:

“Rush Limbaugh, he’s just going to say I’m sleeping with the enemy,” Simpson added. “Mr. President,” he continued, “that reminds me of a joke. A guy goes and buys a really expensive car, but takes it back to the dealer and says, “God damn it, I just spent $300,000 on this car and the radio doesn’t even work. And the dealer says, “No, no, you have to understand, you bought such an advanced car that your radio is the newest. Just say what you want to hear and it comes on the radio. You say jazz, and on comes jazz. You say country, and on comes the country station. The guy, once again really proud of his new purchase, drives off the lot and gets cut off by another driver. “Asshole! he yells, and Rush Limbaugh comes on the radio.”

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