Spoiler Alert – JB Marvin

The City of Duluth’s Building Department has not yet posted my daughter’s home as “uninhabitable” but she and the boys have been staying with us for two nights since I was told the announcement would go up on her front door.

It seems that my haste to have her home re-excavated to discover whether JB Marvin really removed an old “abandoned” sewer line they found six feet under my daughter’s house has cooled the City’s ardor to initiate paperwork. I don’t blame them. If its fixed the City will have to shuffle more paper after my daughter’s sewage flows, once again, unimpeded to Duluth’s waste treatment. On the other hand I was rather hoping to take a photo of the notice. I think more folks should hear the remarkable tale of JB Marvin’s one-hundred-thousand dollar Port-o-potty.

Now that’s what I call home improvement!

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