Pt. 1 I can not recommend JB Marvin…

…although in my case it has been good for and justified my humility.

JB Marvin is Jeffrey Marvin. He inveigled himself into my good graces four months ago when I was trying to decide if I wanted to spend a lot more money to rebuild the brick staircase leading from my front sidewalk to my home up a 12 foot high hill to my portico. (That’s a front porch with columns on either side)

One contractor didn’t want to hassle with bricks – too much work. For about seven grand he would have poured in concrete steps. The second contractor to return my calls was Jeff. Jeff really, really wanted to fix my steps. Even though it would cost twice as much I decided that I wanted Jeff to fix them as well.

Fourteen years before these same steps led me into a summer of unnecessary grief. They were about to do so again as a reminder, perhaps, that to er is human and that I am no exception.

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