Bush as Harding and Hoover

After his first two books on the subject of the Iraq War all but gave the Bush Administration a pass on its handling of Iraq Bob Woodward has finally taken the gloves off to portray the Prez as ineffectual.

After the Roaring Twenties had passed two of its three Republican Presidents got badly tarred by History. Warren Harding was tagged as a man who played poker while his cronies stole the country blind. Appropos of this I just read Will Rogers who reported that when the comic asked President Harding to tell him the best political jokes he knew Harding replied that he’d hired them all for his Administration.

Herbert Hoover was the reknowned industrialist and philanthropist who as the Depression pushed unemployment towards 20% kept telling Americans that prosperity was just around corner (think – stay the course).

It’s my opinion that George Bush has been the sorriest President since Andrew Johnson. He thought he was acting like Ronald Reagan but his real models were Harding and Hoover.

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