More on the Iraq poll

Vic sent me this synopsis of the poll in Iraq. I find it very unsurprising. The headline crows that the murdering thugs of Al Qaeda have lost support. Who said that the terrorist decapitators ever had much support inside Iraq? It sounds as though they were drawn from no more than 5% of the local Sunni population. In fact, I believe most of them came from Saudi Arabia, Syria or elsewhere in the Arab world.

As I read between the lines of this analysis I’m not disuaded from my sense that Iraq should be three separate entities. At best I can only imagine a lose confederation. Its obvious that the three major populations have little use for each. Yes, they are mildly interested in staying united but only if they can either be in charge of the others or independent of them.

Woe to the poor Iraqies who intermarried in the years of secular tolerance.



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