“Fat-back RINO”

I got a laugh out of this note of commiseration to a Ron Paul supporter who was angry that the Romney forces were trying to permanantly cripple their cause in future GOP national conventions. You’ll find it at the end of this article in the Times Examiner.

PO’d Vet:

Take heart, Brother. Keep the faith. I too am a conservative and I too am a disappointed Vet. But we can’t give up. Liberals have taken 40 years to arrive in their present political position. It will take more than one election for true conservatives and patriots to rid this nation of Marxist Liberals and Fat-back RINO’s.

We all need to keep voting for the most conservative candidates available to us. Mitt Romney was not my choice for the GOP nominee, but he’s all we have this year. He can be controlled and he is exponentially better than the Marxist, Chicago Mobster we have now.

Please vote. Vote for Romney and vote for conservative Congressmen and Senators. Semper paratus, fortis, vigilio et fidelis!

Mike Steele

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