War on Clean Air

RE the previous post:

Mitt was trying to hurt Obama in West Virginia where the big coal companies imperil miners with shoddy safety practices, communities with waste heaps, while enhancing the environment by shaving the tops off mountains to provide coal which releases vast quantities of sulfuric and nitric acid into the atmosphere which a few decades ago almost totally denuded Shenendoah National Park.

But the businessman “I built that” Romney fails to understand that it is Natural gas production that is killing coal in West Virginia. From today’s DNT. (Darn it, they don’t seem to have put the story on their website ) Here it is from the Associated Press.

This could lead to a whole new argument about “fracking” and its perils but one indisputable consequence of fracking has been cleaner air a vast improvement over the kind of choking Chinese smog that Romney seems to favor – you know – with none of that business killing government regulation.

I have a new found personal interest in this. Among my Mother’s assets is a small ownership interest in Texas gas and oil property. She owns a little over three-one-thousandths percent interest in about six oil wells. For several years a number of companies have offered to buy her interest in the wells. Although the wells have produced a lot smaller revenue lately I suspect fracking may improve production at some point in the near future.
Some day One-and-a-half one-thousandths of those oil and gas wells will be mine. As with this blog I’ll be pleased to do my part in clearing the air.

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