Remember the Alamo

Today’s story about how all 16 US intelligence agencies have concluded that the Bush Administration’s War on Terror has undermined American security shows what happens when you mix the American traditional “can do” spirit with an intermittent no-nothingism which sweeps the land. I’m reminded of an old joke:

There is a Brit a Frenchman a Texan and a Mexican sitting on a plane which is experiencing mechanical problems. When the pilot reports to his passengers that the plane will go down if it can’t get lose some weight the Brit gets up, salutes, and says “God save the Queen” and jumps off. A short time later when told that more weight must be removed the Frenchman stands, salutes and says “Vive la France” and jumps out.

When this still doesn’t solve the problem the pilot makes the announcement yet again. This time the Texan stands up salutes and says “Remember the Alamo.” He picks up the Mexican and throws him off the plane.

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