When a sparrow falls

Apparently I have hornets and wasps to thank for my wine cellar. They carry yeast in their guts and bite wine grapes thus passing it on.

Reading about this reminded me of one of the great miscalculations of Maoist China that caused the starvation of about 30 million people, The Great Sparrow Campaign.

It may be true that no sparrow can fall to the ground without God’s knowing it but that doesn’t mean the consequences are all that obvious to man. That’s worth keeping in mind as Republican leaders keep pooh poohing the notion that releasing hundreds of millions of years of naturally sequestered carbon into the atmosphere over a couple of human lifetimes will have any adverse consequences.Some say that God is in the details so we should be grateful that the Republicans have his ear. I’m sure the close collaboration of God and his party will prevent Lake Superior from evaporating. Apparently some people have been aware of this for quite some time.

Of course, if God’s party is right and America starts acting all godless by allowing gays to marry it could be curtains for ole Gitchi Goomi.

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