Maunday Thursday 9 PM – Pt. 2

I’ve followed fundamental thinking with great interest since Ronald Reagan and the Moral Majority did a Vulcan Mind Meld in 1980. In those early years of “big tent” precinct caucuses I came up with a metaphor for what was happening to the GOP. It reminded my of the cult sci fi movie classic “Invasion of the Body Snatchers.” I imagined finding pods at every GOP meeting I attended that were essentially fundamentalists taking over the formerly sentient moderates of the GOP.

In time it wasn’t enough to take over the GOP. It became necessary for the pod people to remove the moderates. By redefining what a Republican was it became possible to treat formerly legitimate Republicans the same way Stalinists treated the followers of Lenin. Such Republicans were no longer Republicans they were RINO’s. “Republicans in Name Only.”

The crusade against these Republicans continues unabated. It is a religious crusade. South Carolina Senator Jim DeMint has made sure that a half a million bucks has been funneled to a Super Pac that means to remove Indiana Republican Senator Richard Lugar one of the Party’s last remaining moderates in Congress.

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