Maunday Thursday 9 PM – Pt. 1

This old agnostic went to our church’s Maundy Thursday service tonight and broke bread. Our pastor mentioned a detail about the Last Supper I’d not thought about before.

Just before the part where Jesus asks two of his disciples to secretly find him a place to break bread the Gospel tells about the decision Judas made to betray Jesus. The Son of God is, of course, omniscient and knows that he must plan the supper secretly to prevent Judas from turning him in prematurely. Jesus has serious business to attend to before he is put to death. He must steel his weak kneed disciples for the task of facing death themselves while humbling and abasing themselves just as Jesus will do when he washes their feet. It will fall to this pathetic group to spread God’s new gospel and Jesus can’t let Judas’s treachery interfere.

This and the next three posts, which I have arranged to read in order, (backwards) are all about the Christian and Republican gospels. Its the 4th Maunday Thursday post that really prompted me to post again after a week’s rest.

Its almost midnight. I guess I had a lot to get off my chest.

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