Waiting for my website

I missed two appointments to donate my usual pint of blood this morning. I slept through the 7:50 appointment because after waking up and working on the new website at 3am I was taking a nap. I missed the rescheduled blood draw at 10:20 because I was working furiously on additional changes to the site. They finally told me to just walk in around noon. They gave me a green bandage for my arm in honor of St. Patrick’s Day.

My website is ugly and wordy and has lousy linkages between pages. Its got far more links to various things I’ve written than the typical voter would want to traipse through. Oh well, I’ll announce when my web provider finally points the URL www.welty4congress.com to the correct site. After that I’ll only do little touch ups and add a donations page after I’ve got a good 75 pages to my book written. From now on until I make it through most of the book I’ll give my best hours each day to the book. The blog will be composed in the secondary hours of the day. At least that’s my plan.

I’ll try to get a word search in every day at least. It’ll be pretty boring but as I get further along in my book I’ll post more passages in “bookin it” posts.

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