$3.9 million more won’t cost the Duluth Schools a cent?

No it will only cost the taxpayers.

An early email from a friend reading the article I remarked on in the last post sent me the following email. Magical math?

Maybe its early or I am too old school with money but this just doesn’t make sense. Or if it does work, I want to use the same bankers as the district. When I take out a loan and ask for more, my financial institution raises the payment.

“The addition of the $3.9 million in the plan up for approval ‘is not increasing the scope or price of the (actual) project,’ Superintendent Bill Gronseth said.”

Dixon used to say he would sleep better at night if Central were sold.
Seems like his insomnia was for nothing. Bill Hanson and Gronseth have no worries about the lack of property sales coming in.

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