India didn’t call and other priorities

and thank goodness it didn’t. I had too much to do. India and I evidently got our wires crossed but I had so much to do I didn’t miss the two hours of tech help I would have had to endure.

I had to give Chris authority to sign my checks while I’m gone and that took some gofering. I ran to the City Clerk to vote by absentee ballot. I’m not telling! I’ve got thank you cards from Mel to belatedly send to my early supporters.

One nice thing about a small campaign committee is that it is very flexible. I, as the candidate, retain veto authority but we get things done in a hurry like the radio ads.

We had to give up on some advertising that we don’t have the money for but Mel is working on setting up candidate appearances before a variety of groups.

Tomorrow Claudia goes to the Twin Cities for a meeting of the Minnesota Safety Council. I’ve decided to travel with her to visit my Mother. Mom can barely remember me now but I tell her stories about her childhood which still makes her smile. Because I’m leaving for a two week vacation I won’t see her for a while. I’ve got lots to do but I know my priorities.



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