Answer Bus

Today will be a much better day if the computer doesn’t die on me. I’ve got a long list of things to do but most of them are at least half-done so its just a matter of tidying up.

I’ve got a couple emails waiting from Mel and Chris about a meeting we are planning later in the week at which I will hand over blog and campaign duties to them.

I’ve been agonizing for the past couple days about the statistics for my websites. Because my web host updated their system its taken me five days to find the new stats. There were hundreds of them before. Now there are thousands. They will take some getting use to, but I discovered that my pageviews at www.welty4congress are still increasing, and this was an interesting: 31% of my visitors are marking the site on their browsers as a favorite place.

I found a new site that had linked to this blog called Answer Bus. Its a new search engine which kicks back seven or eight quotes from other Internet sources in response to very specific questions like “How many stomachs does a cow have?” Check it out.

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