Nothing new to report from Florida

If your a political nut you already know that Mitt is outspending Newt 5 to 1. I thought the ratio improved a little today for Newt on the news shows. He’s probably hoping an even steven barage will keep him close. He’s claimed on TV, and I’ve read a post confirming it on Sullivan, that the polls are tightening. It might have been bad luck for Mitt that a couple days ago he had a 14 point lead. I figured at the time that he was gaining steam. Instead he may be falling back to Earth. He should win but apparently the oddsmakers figure that Newt will keep after Mitt out of sheer orneriness and ego. Mitt won’t be helped by having the ads in Florida make their way to the other 50 states.

Putting Newt’s picture by a grinning President Obama may turn out to have been a mistake. Newt’s partisans might start putting Mitt’s mug on their next ads with a smiling Obama.

I’m hoping to miss most of the last day’s worth of ads. We’re heading down to the Everglades to fight alligators. They seem pretty tame by comparison.

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