Independence Party’s Platform

I’ll soon be applying for endorsement by Minnesota’s Independence Party. I printed out the application forms just before midnight will send them in. I also found the Party’s succinct platform. I support this platform unreservedly.

  PLATFORMWe, the Independence Party of Minnesota, stand for government and political leadership that serves the highest long-term interests of our state. We oppose politics based on self-interest, extremism, or special interests. We are advocates for public policy that prepares Minnesota for a better future and we support political leaders who embrace the values and goals described in this platform 

We believe defined values are essential to guiding political reform and assuring policies that benefit all. These are our core values:

  1) A democratic process with integrity and broad citizen participation 

2) A justice system that is fair, wise, unambiguous, swift, affordable, and accessible to all

3) A society that is inclusive, embraces diversity, and protects everyone’s rights

4) Government policies which encourage and expect personal responsibility

5) Government that is fiscally responsible: equitable in its collection of taxes, careful in its spending, and honest in its financial reporting

6) Government that is a good steward: protecting the environment, preserving our public institutions, prudently managing public assets, and leaving for our children a better world

7) Government that is controlled locally whenever possible

8) Rights of privacy and personal liberties under the US Constitution, the Minnesota Constitution, and the Bill of Rights of the United States shall be strongly defended

9) An educated citizenry with the knowledge and understanding to preserve our freedoms and maintain our prosperity

10) Political leadership that acts for the greater good and prepares us for the future

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  1. I wish you well in your campaign with or without IP endorsement. Washington needs to give us Independents, or Independence(es) a voice.

    Just to let you know the Independence party 8th district chair is the most outspoken member in the party against cross endorsement, so you will have to convince him and others that you are completly committed to the Independence party.

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