Pulling the cork out

“There is an error”when you try to reach the story in the Nadir about community leaders encouraging the School District to be honest with the public.

How appropriate. Maybe it will be fixed by the time you press it.

Me and my kind are referenced in the story:

“When putting the problems in front of folks, you’ll have some that will say, “I told you so.’ But who cares?” he said. “Only that sort of blunt honest and transparency will alllow everyone to move on to more constructive efforts.”

I can’t disagree with Mayor Ness and its true I’m the Red Plan’s biggest “I told you so.” On the other hand I’ve been calling for honesty from the School Board for six years!

The problem is that the Board members know nothing. They willfully turned a blind eye to those problems and stared instead into the blinding light of Dr. Dixon’s vision. They remind me of the hippies I read about in the Seventies who took mescaline and spent the morning staring into the sun burning out their retinas.

I can’t get over how easily they got rid of Mary Cameron’s candidate Dr. Foster. He simply rolled over and gave up even though he was not the problem. Dr. Dixon was the problem. He began the Era of dissembling and dishonesty which were required to buoy up his hopes and dreams.

Dixon left at least two lieutenants who will do everything in their power to prevent his full legacy from being revealed notwithstanding the advice from the Mayor and the CEO of the Chamber of Commerce. Dixon’s propagandist Katie Kaufmann continues to recycle the old BS and Bill Hanson, continues to obscure the reasons for the District’s penury. The longer the School Board refuses to open the can of worms and sort them out the more foul the can will become.

Acting Superintendent, Bill Gronseth, has nothing to gain by keeping the truth bottled up. He reminds me of the punch line in the joke I heard back in junior high. It was about three scientists who ran an experiment to see how much they could feed a pig before letting it pass a bowel movement. When they woke up in the hospital after the cork was removed from the pig’s bum they compared notes. The scientist with the punch line said that all he could remember was the poor monkey they had trained to remove the cork trying to put it back in.

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