Crusading Journalism – Don’t blame us

No wonder my carrier left a Minneapolis Strib on my doorstep this morning instead of a Dull Nadir Trib. After I spent ten minutes on the phone at the DNT a disembodied voice told me someone would be over to deliver today’s news. Same old, Same old until I read the Editorial……actually, same old there too.

After scratching their heads about how such a marvelously reviewed Superintendent as IV Foster could pack up his bags after six months with no explanation and a confidentiality agreement to keep everything hushed up all the Nadir’s Editorial geniousess could do was beg the public to stop speculating about what the hell happened. This was especially important since the Trib couldn’t help explain what happened resulting in a lot of ill tempered commentary.

Considering that our illustrious Editorial Board has endorsed almost every one of our zipped lipped Board members maybe this was really a plea for forgiveness for the Trib and its sorry state of journalism. The Nadir almost makes the Duluth School Administration look competent.

If and when I run for Congress keep your eyes pealed for their favorite trite description of me as a “perennial candidate.” They wouldn’t know what a loser was if he/she spit on them. That’s the kind of candidate they like to endorse.

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