Sidetracked by evolution

I can’t let this image slide by before reembarking on my book:

Just as the Israel Government is held hostage by a growing minority of religious enthusiasts (who in Israel’s case owe nothing to the economic enterprise that is the state since they are welfare recipients religiously exempted from work or paying taxes) the modern GOP must bow down to religious enthusiasts who impose their understanding of the Bible. That requires the obscuring in public education of the modern scientific understanding of the universe. Life in the GOP’s unwritten code is only about 5000 years old becuz the world was created in seven days.

The GOP tells us that man arrived seven days after the Earth was created so we’re both about 5,000 years old. Although we’ve seen plenty of evidence of evolution guided by humans in dogs, cats, cattle, chickens etc. and built billion dollar industries in grain and livestock hybridization none of this can be traced back to evolution since Darwin contradicts the Bible.

Following in the shadows of all this Biblical correctness we must also nuke Iran because it wants to build a bomb like a half a dozen other less than reliable nations for not to do so would undermine the Yeshiva studying Hebrews who control the Israeli Government.

Yes! Yes! Yes! They will all perish, of course, because the Rapture will leave them behind in their smoldering Yeshivas but life and religious salvation can be messy. Haven’t you read the Old Testament for crying out loud?

Oh and we can’t have a Mormon as President. Well, yeah, he (Romney) would be a million times better than the funnily named Obama, but still Mormons aren’t really Christians. They aren’t planning on all those Yeshiva studying Jews to burn during the Rapture. What kind of Christian is that?

Ye Gods! I’ve got to get back to some really sensible foolishness and write more in my book.

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