The GOP Presidential nominee?

So far all of the highly touted GOP Presidential canidates have fallen or are in the process of falling on their faces. I’ve read some speculation about someone new saving the day. The chief problem with this is that its too late for a newbie candidate to fire up the machinery to start a nomination campaign in all 50 states.

That leaves the possibility of a brokered convention where no single candidate has the delegate numbers to win a nomination – at least on the first ballot.

I think that as unusual as it would be such a circumstance could take place.

A. I see little chance of any of the earliest soiled candidates cleaning themselves up.

B. I think the GOP is so single-minded about getting rid of Obama to prove that the American people are on their side that they could be persuaded to come up with a “winning” candidate at the last minute. This would require at least two rounds of voting at their National Convention as some state laws punish delegates who don’t vote for the candidate they were chosen to support at a convention.

C. I wouldn’t be surprised if, as it became obvious that none of the top candidates can pull off a first round win, that the party would begin coalescing around a suitable replacement.

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