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The hagiographies about Steve Jobs flew fast and thick a month ago when his mortal coil sprung. I resisted the temptation to put my two cents in then because I had no particular opinion about the man.

I’ll confess that back in 1984 when we bought our first Macintosh computer I fell in love with his work. I was so glued to it than when Claudia insisted in about 1990 that we buy a PC that wasn’t an Apple computer I resentfully refused to use it for over a year clinging to my badly outdated Fat Mac.

So my Buddy sent me this article from an Atlantic writer about Jobs and the Bio which everyone will be reading about him.

I agree with the this writer’s premise that Jobs was the seven letter word I wouldn’t fully spell out in the Post title. Be forewarned, you will see it repeated about three dozen times in the story. BTW I hope its prediction that Job’s life will lead to a growth in more jerks is wrong but I suspect its likely to happen.

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