Now they’re worried about “policy”?

I’ve been ruminating on the editors of the Trib grousing about the naming of our new schools. I rolled my eyes when I read this line:

“The creation of such a committee actually is dictated by school district policy, but it’s a policy that apparently was forgotten when the School Board chose a name for Duluth East High School, which was opened this year at what had been Ordean Junior High School, and when it decided the new western middle school, which is scheduled to open in the fall, would be called Lincoln Park Middle School”

Big blankety blank deal. As the bard wrote: “What’s in a name? that which we call a rose – By any other name would smell as sweet;” Same with skunks.

I can’t tell you how many District policies the Dixon coven broke to spend $315 million on rejiggering Duluth’s schools. The Trib editors never once complained about this in their editorials. But when the Board farts around with names and committees to rename the fancy new schools the editors get all hyper. Great sense of priorities that.

I have a theory to explain this editorial. I think that having spent six years rooting for the Red Plan and downplaying its negatives the Trib has finally recognized that the negatives simply must be addressed. First, of course, they had to insure that Red Plan supporters remained in control of the School Board in this Fall’s elections (God forbid the juggernaut be stopped before full implementation) but for their own credibility the Trib’s editors have to begin taking the side of the majority of Duluth that thinks the Duluth School Board is populated with twits. The Trib’s twits.

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