I’m goin to Kansas City, Kansas City here I come

My grandfather was a war hero. The little college he attended is putting up a memorial dedicated to him and a dozen other graduates who fought with him in WWI. I’ll be gone for a couple days as a family member to acknowledge the honor. My son will watch the cats while we’re away.

If I were feeling more loquacious I’d elaborate. I’ve just spent a few bucks and many weeks to rejigger the software behind the blog but I’ve got other projects that are pulling me away from regular entries.

The World economy keeps on teetering. The GOP keeps getting less Grand. The winter is approaching and I’ve got a non threatening medical condition which nevertheless strongly discourages my snow sculpting. Maybe that all augurs well for my begining to seriously work on the book I’ve been hinting at for years.

In any case you, my eight loyal readers, find I don’t blog much until I announce my candidacy for the Eighth Congressional District Race next Spring. It would be my third race for it and as they say – the third times the charm.

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