Not getting up to speed

For my vast readership of eight I’m sorry that I haven’t gotten my blogging back in gear. I think I enjoyed my enforced vacation from blogging a little too much. Vacationing has been habit forming plus the update to my blog software is requiring a little more intellectual effort on my part than I wanted.

I did write a letter-to-the-editor about two weeks ago. I haven’t gotten around to counting how many times I had to rewrite and resubmit it before it finally passed muster but it must have been at least eight times. The third submission left me a tad testy and I heaped some scornful abuse on the DNT’s editors. I got it back in spades and frankly I had it coming.

I backed off and began a cordial email dialogue with Chuck Frederick which gave me a chance to blow off some steam and give him some background info since he hasn’t been in the maelstrom of the Trib’s Red Plan coverage. I got the all clear today and told Chuck that my letter is better and more accurate for all the research he set me to.

Look for it in a couple days. Maybe it will help to fill the void from my vacation. I’ll post it once its made the editorial page.

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