Something I couldn’t write when my blog was down

I couldn’t have said it better than this letter writer did in the DNT:

This letter is about the property tax issue. I had to replace my siding last year because I had rain water running down inside my walls. As a reward for being a diligent homeowner, the city raised my property value by $12,000.

Then the state eliminated the homestead tax credit.

The School Board has no concept of reality. After forcing its expensive Red Plan on us taxpayers, every election year, it seems, it has the audacity to keep asking for more money on top of the huge budget the district already has. I pay for other people’s children to attend the most modern, state-of-the-art schools while I live in a shack I can barely afford.

Now the city wants us to pay more in property taxes for libraries and parks. Sure, new park equipment and branch libraries would be nice. But they are luxuries, not necessities, and not worth the $2.6 million in property tax increases. The main library won’t be closed, so people who are looking for a job can still use those computers or the computers at Job Services.

I haven’t had a pay raise in three years, and my health-care and pension costs have increased. I don’t have a cell phone, Internet, cable TV or newspaper. I avoid doing anything that costs money. I realize I am blessed to still have a job and a home. That does not mean I can afford to take on more of the burden for those who don’t.

With all the foreclosures, there are fewer of us to shoulder the tax burden for the rest. We homeowners have to say enough is enough. Please vote “no” to any property tax increase.

Carmelle La Tour


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