The Cain Mutiny

My Buddy sent me this tiny comment on Herman Cain’s winning 37% of 3,000 some straw vote from conservative activists in a state with 10 million voters.

An early response to the Florida poll results came from a friend, historian Alan C. Kors, who observed in mock puzzlement: “So, the ‘Tea Party racists’ in a Republican straw poll chose the self-made black Herman Cain — mathematician and successful businessman — son of a cleaning woman and a janitor, as their choice of nominee for the presidency of the United States. Well! What a bigoted group, what a caste society!”

Well, I should accord this a great deal of respect because it was published in the Wall Street Journal, Right?

Herman Cain is as appealing to me as Jesse – milk white guilt – Jackson. I’ve posted about the unreconstructed anti-miscegenationists in the GOP. There is no doubt that they exist. But even at the height of the Civil Rights struggle you could find plenty of whites who wanted to make nice with blacks just so long as they stayed on their side of town and in their own schools.

Herman Cain is like a cross held up by superstitious Republicans to ward off a vampire only in this case the vampires are “libruls” who suspect the Cain supporters of being closet racists. Hell, even the Ku Klux Klan gave money to Marcus Garvey.

The more Cain beats up Obama the closer these Republicans will clutch Herman to their breast…..until a Great White Hope, like Governor Christie, emerges to save them from Obama.

As for Herman, the source of his disatisfaction with Obama isn’t that hard to divine. Fact is Barack isn’t a real “Negroe.” His father came from Kenya as a free man long after the Montgomery Bus Boycott. The President ain’t got no slave blood in him.

Pizza anyone?

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