The government payroll [BIGOT ALERT]

I’m kicking myself for letting an old habit lapse. I used to clip or hang onto old DNT’s that had info I was interested in. Much of it was Duluth School related and I’m getting tired of beating that dead old horse. One reason I’m a little less concerned about keeping up with this has to do with my linking blog posts to so many DNT online stories. As long as I keep paying for the Domain name to my blog and for its space on a server I can theoretically find all these stories again by date. That might mean going to the Duluth library and reading them on microfilm but its better than losing things in a complete void.

I can’t find the recent editorial I meant to comment on a week or more ago. It had, if I’m remembering correctly, two things of interest to me. For one thing it made a fleeting jab at folks like me by saying something to the effect that in Duluth no happy story can avoid some dark cloud. Those weren’t the words but there’s no doubt the Trib’s editors always think I’m about to rain.

The other more interesting thing was another bit of statistics which may have been in the same editorial. The Trib’s editors pointed out that a few decades ago Duluth’s working population was composed of something like 21% government employees but now that rate is down by a lot – perhaps half that rate.

Wish I could find this because it truly is good news in terms of productivity and leaving us a healthy economy. I’d especially like to point out that this drop in an unhealthy level of government excess was accomplished long before the Tea Party rose up to help Grover Norquist shrink government down to the size of something he could strangle in the bathtub. Reasonable people got this done not slogan-spouting, No Nothings.

Damn, Looks like I’ll have to put another [BIGOT ALERT] on this blog post to placate my buddy.

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