7.8 more teachers

This is a positive story until you get to the end. A charitable high school student describes class size at Duluth East as “ridiculous.” Criminal is more like it and the guilty party is now the Superintendent of Coon Rapids.

“They had extremely high numbers at the high schools, in excess of 40,” Foster said. “We had to reduce there.”

Marcus Jahn, a student representative on the board, said the No. 1 concern for students at his high school, East, is class sizes.

“Some are reasonable, and some are a bit ridiculous,” he said. “In calculus, I had to stand in the back of the room. There weren’t enough desks for everyone.”

Some students weren’t able to get into the classes they wanted to take, he said.

Foster said he had concerns about class sizes at a number of schools in the district.

“I don’t like seeing class sizes above 30, but we have limited resources to address that,” he said. “We have to make critical decisions.”

The additional $1 million comes from increased enrollment and an increase to the amount received per pupil.

1 million for 7.8 teachers. Whoa!

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