My acquaintance, Vic sends me odd bits of things in his email and today I got this piece about tattoos from the Opinion Journal. Apparently one-in-three young people have them now. For some odd reason I felt compelled to send a comment back to the Journal for their consideration to wit:

“As a 55 year old man I have no intention of getting a tattoo but both my children sport them. My daughter has a little one on her scalp which reportedly means “hair” in Chinese. Once her hair grew back it became invisible. My son has them all over his torso.I’m actually a little comforted to read that so many people have them now because I don’t wish either of my children, or my tattooed son-in-law, to be penalized for their body art. Still, I’m not a fan.

The symbols and artwork chosen by young people to reflect their personalities may not be very accurate representations of their core being in the distant future. It would be a shame if in twenty years the tattoos became as outdated as the names of long lost sweethearts which were often affixed to the biceps of drunken sailors.”

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