Living in a cave

My buddy may think I’ve thrown in the towel by headlining my blog about the Minnesota Budget deal as a caving in by Governor Dayton. He sent me this story which seems to lay out that no one liked the deal. Republicans can also be accused of “caving” by their partisans.

Yup. Compromise is how you solve impasses and everybody can be accused of “caving.” That’s how deals are done. I didn’t mean to pick on Dayton. I think he had to let the Government shut down if for no other reason than to make it clear how destructive such a decision was. Instead of beating him up folks had to beg him to give in. I agree with others that say this could all have been avoided had both sides agreed to the final deal two weeks ago. I suspect a shutdown was necessary to concentrate everyone’s attention.

One more comment. The Republicans to my mind have been irrational. They will tell their supporters that they didn’t raise taxes. This is a lie. Oh, maybe its a political lie but its still a lie. We’ve borrowed money (from our schools among other things) and will have to pay it back. The two billion “raised” isn’t free money. Future Minnesotans will be paying taxes to pay it (and a lot of unnecessary interest earnings) off. The best the GOP can do is claim that they deferred taxes on spending they were too chickenshit to cut.

Yup buddy. I’m all for compromise. Even when its chickenshit its usually better than the alternative.

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