No decision yet

I think I’m over my short lived kinder and gentler phase. It was nice while it lasted. I’m listening to another NPR story about the “Hell No” caucus. The hellish Tea Party caucus is currently calling President Obama, Mitch McConnell and Cong Bonehead liars for saying America’s default on the debt will cause pain. Hell no. Rupert Murdoch’s media empire has assured the Tea Party that the surest way to destroy America is to pay our debts by raising taxes on the rich. No wonder I’m getting dyspeptic.

I got an enquiring email from Jana Hollingsworth, the DNT’s only remaining education reporter, asking me (after all my dithering on the blog) whether I’ve decided to run for the School Board again. Here’s what I wrote back:

Hi Jana,

No decision yet. I’ve decided that I would only file for the JSP seat but only if no one else files. Is Tuesday the last day for filing? Should I file I don’t plan to campaign. I think there will be another person filing for that office.

I figured that not much happened at the meeting but you know me and my blog. I take every opportunity to poke my finger in the DNT’s ribs.

The last sentence/paragraph referred to the picture of our news superintendent at his first meeting of the School Board. There was only a caption under the picture but no story. Jana explained to me that because nothing happened at the meeting her editors decided it was only worth noting that Dr. Foster had appeared at his first school board meeting.

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