Mischaracterizing the Republican side

My wife and I heard the “breaking news” on WDIO last night explaining that the shutdown was upon us. We both scoffed at the early explanation of the GOP offer to Governor Dayton. I just found this post on an MPR blog:

He said he had offered some additional spending cuts and then proposed higher taxes only on the roughly 7,700 Minnesotans earning more than $1 million a year.

Republicans, he said, rejected the idea and instead offered a $1 billion revenue raising option that consisted of delaying $700 million in payments to schools and borrowing against funds from the state’s tobacco companies settlement. He turned those aside arguing they did not really raise revenue.

Republicans countered Dayton had mischaracterized the offer and posted and tweeted a picture of the offer document

I read the document and it sounded just like the Governor described it. I presume the GOP was angry that Dayton didn’t describe the halo which is evident when one reads their proposal.

Click this to see it blown up.

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