Republicans don’t read the polls…..

…they only read tea (party) leaves.

The poll. Check that. The Polls.

A June 9 A June 9 Washington Post/ABC News poll
A June 7 Pew poll
A May 26 Lake Research poll of Colorado voters
A May 13 Bloomberg poll
A May 12 Ipsos/Reuters poll
An April 29 Gallup poll
An April 25 USC/Los Angeles Times poll
An April 22 New York Times/CBS News poll
An April 20 Washington Post/ABC News poll
An April 20 Public Religion Research Institute poll
An April 18 McClatchy-Marist poll
An April 18 Gallup poll
On April 1, Tulchin Research poll s
A March 15 ABC News/Washington Post poll
A March 2 NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll
A February 15 CBS News poll
A January 20 CBS News/New York Times poll

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