Tsk tsk tsk

This DNT editorial shaming Minnesota’s legislators for failing to solve our budget problems misses the mark:

The bottom line is lawmakers failed. You had one task to get done and four months to do it. But you bickered and talked about other things and didn’t get much done at all for long stretches. And then you left the state capitol late Monday and early Tuesday without a budget deal or even anything closely resembling a deal.

I wonder if the local Editorial Board wrote this or the masters in Fargo Communication who gave a blanket endorsement of Chip Cravaak and Sen. McCain in every one of their stable (that’s a term a pimp might use) of Minnesota newspapers in 2008. My guess is that the Forum papers were kind to the state legislators that the DNT is now lamenting.

Whoever’s responsible Gov. Dayton is given a pass by the Trib. I pass him too. He got elected to veto a no-new-tax-increase budget. As for the voters they elevated the Republicans who were most caught up in the Tea Party euphoria of disgust with the Government – except for the entitlement part. Having split the government between two sides that were elected to be uncompromising I guess its the voters who should bear the burden for indecision.

Oh, I’m not giving a pass to the dittohead, group think of the GOP. I’m simply a purist. I believe voters are entitled to endure any foolish consequence resulting from their votes. For instance, had we voted for the Red Plan in Duluth no one could complain with much credibility about its profound injury.

I guess that’s my complaint with the Trib. They played their part in electing the gridlock. Its just not clear whether the blame lies in Corporate Central or in West 4th Street.

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