Ironic STC closing

I received two quick emails in succession this morning on the planned closing of the STC – Secondary Technical Center. I’ve mashed them together:

Not sure if anyone noticed but today’s DNT had the legal notice / ad for the proposed closing of the Secondary Technical Center . – Don’t we have it somewhere that they weren’t going to close that for awhile? How could they possibly have the STC program in place at both high schools already? What greedy business is rubbing their hands together for that incredible site?

The date of the proposed hearing is is Thurs, June 2nd, 2011 6:30 PM – at the STC

Just received confirmation –

802 is the address of the STC building – so the hearing will be at STC.

Please consider attending this hearing. It takes less than a half an hour, – you would have the opportunity to speak, (although not required to do so) – The District should see some “bodies” of people who oppose the closing of STC, the newest (1995?), nicest location, and still unpaid for, with 4+ years of bond payments to be made.

The STC was built less than twenty years ago for about $4 million without a referendum under the same laws which the School Board used to justify spending $297 million on the Red Plan without a vote. As noted the remaining bond obligations will have to be paid off for four more years. If we sell all the buildings like the STC on the Central High campus it is possible that the Duluth Schools will have to pay for their demolition to attract or satisfy a buyer.

I wrote a letter to the editor to the DNT shortly after the building was completed criticizing then Superintendent Mark Myles for not holding a referendum. I learned later that the decision to proceed took place before Myles was Superintendent. He gave me a call after my letter was published and he was not happy.

So, a building that was built without a vote is being torn down without one too even though its still being paid for.

The STC had a number of programs that attracted a number of students from outside the District into Duluth and their districts had to pay ours to educate their kids. Today more Duluth kids are being educated outside of Duluth and our District is having to pay these other districts to educate them.

There is something called the “law of unintended consequences” and it sure seems to apply to the Red Plan in spades.

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