Equity I (in Duluth)

From an email today concering a letter in the DNT:

Sorry, for some reason I cannot link it, but a language program has been cut at Lester Park. So much for those buildings enhancing programming.

I can still remember Judy Seliga telling everyone how they will be able to add NEW educational and sporting activities.

I can link to the letter.

The gist:

Since 2002, the Rockridge/Lester Park Foundation Board has provided our students, staff and families with an in-school Spanish program. This program was initiated and funded by parent volunteers, teachers and principals who believe passionately in public education and who saw a need for bilingual learning.

Sadly, ISD 709 has mandated we remove the program because of the need for equitable learning across all elementary schools.

If “equity” is the justification being used by the Duluth School Board to cut this program at Lester Park sounds like the District is using desegregation mandates as a scapegoat much as it is using the State’s cuts in education to hide the incompetence that has brought our district to a new low. This is the sort of blame casting I’ve come to expect from the political party that blames America’s problems on illegal immigrants, other religions, homosexuality and the folks who are endangering the rest of us by walking around without carrying concealed weapons.

With the new GOP legislature rampaging around the Board may lose deseg mandates as a whipping boy – see the next post.

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