Go Democracy!

This will be my only post on the Middle East before I turn in for the night.

In case my fight for our vote on the Red Plan hasn’t make it plain I believe in the right of people to excercise their right to make choices at the ballot box. I don’t even care if they make poor decisions so long as they make the decision. Sadly many Americans aren’t so keen on democracy for others if it means those others might elect leaders who disagree with the U.S. I especially have in mind the crowd of yes men who cheered for the invasion of Iraq because he was going to bring Democracy to the Middle Eas. Its funny how so many of them are now bemoaning the possibility that a dozen Arab nations might become Democratic and then work against our interests. Yes they might and they have every right to do so.

In my humble opinion President Obama has acted in a very prudent manner and taken the side of democracy. He might as support it because he has very little leverage anyway and by supporting democracy he’s honoring the legacy and ideals of America’s founders.

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