Time for the School Board to wake up

More evidence of the St. Louis County Schools being sucked into JCI’s fantasy land.

They’ve followed the Duluth School Board model to the letter:

School board members need to wake up. They need to stop accepting numbers that clearly don’t make sense as justification for taking drastic actions that will inevitably affect students and communities, and not for the better. They need to quit breaking promises, as they have been doing since the day after the referendum vote. They promised voters in Orr that they wouldn’t close their school until a new one was built. They promised voters in Tower-Soudan, they’d work with the new charter school. Both of those promises have been broken, and in each case the district digs a deeper political hole for itself. They’ve stopped listening to the public and, instead, make decisions based on little more than happy talk dreamed up at the district headquarters.

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