Confident Lies and Halting Truths – The Presidential Debate

I was distressed by the first and most important 30 minutes of tonight’s debate. I was sure the entire world of Democrats would be too. So, let me just add before I continue that one of the pieces I’ve been planning to write for months was going to be titled: I will vote for a dead Biden over a living Trump any day of the week. The confident lies that marched out of Trump’s mouth like linebackers only make it more certain that I would vote for a dead Biden. Donald Trump grew rich conning people with too little money or drive to sue him for cheating them. He tried to overthrow our Democracy and he has trained seals for Congressmen. The last pair of testicles left in the Republican Congress was sent home to Wyoming. I wonder where Trump keeps Pete’s?

I forced myself to watch or at least listen to all ninety minutes of the debate. I texted my brother for play by play. While Biden explained everything for the most part accurately his hang dog face made it look like he’d been given tranquilizers. Trump betrayed little of the bafflegab that he is so often filmed saying at his rallies. So, I will have to ramp up my truth squad attacks on Trump since its too late for Biden to pull it off……As I write that I hope I’m wrong.

Signs went up in Proctor again today and I had a lot of fun chatting with people there. Looks like rain tomorrow. I have a lot of writing to do and I need to husband my flyers from last year because I’m down to about four days worth to pass out. I’ve ordered slightly amped up flyers but they may be delayed so a day of rain will be put to good use elsewhere.

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