Campaign diary with 74 days to go to the August 13 primary

Chère Amie

This is the belated report on my first day passing out lawnsigns and my bookmarks. This will be my blog post today but that is a problem. My blog keeps telling me its resources are at their limit. It means visitors will give up before reading my posts. I can create a blog for my campaign page which makes sense but I will miss lincolndemocrat which I need experts to fix.

I knocked on many doors in my neighborhood today carrying 10 of my new signs in one hand and my bookmarks and my campaign flyer from 2 years ago which is just as true today as it was 2 years ago. I have only had to cross out Aug 9 and put a 13 in its place as the date of the primary this year.

I put up 20 signs and had many excellent conversations. I will have to talk less in the future because I need to put signs up faster. And I need to put them in every neighborhood before our Grandmas marathon on June 22. There will be one 2 day break when Claudia and I take our grandson to Lake Geneva Illinois tosee the explosian of cicadas that happens every 17 years. I have slways wanted to see it.

I knew as I went door to door that I would quickly come up with an short intro. Becaus Duluth is a Biden part of the vast 8th District I quickly found those who agreed with me strongly and who were more likely to let me put a sign in their yard. This is it.

High, I am you r neighbor Harry Welty. I make the snow sculptures every winter. I have 75 days to be Donald Trump’s worst nightmare. What I say next depends on their reaction.As I ssid I talked to msny friendly people. Even Democrats who will vote for Jen Schultz in November let me put signs in their yards until the August 13th Primary. It is a good sign that they understand my strategy. All voters csn vote in the Republican primary for me. Now I have to get that message out to 200,000 voters.

This afternoon will be another good day to
Door knock. Claudia has to write a sermon for sunday’s church service and won’t miss me.

I even sold a book to someone who likes Trump knocking on doors. Pas mal.

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