We know nothing Editorial, My 2nd response

The middle section just prattles on taking the School District’s side:

The district blames most of its deficit on economy-related factors, specifically flat per-pupil funding from the state, increasing expenses, delayed state payments to school districts, the state’s own budget deficit (because of the way it reduces overall funding for education) and declining enrollment.

Those are facts, the district insists, even if critics of the $293 million investment to build and rebuild the district’s aging school buildings will have none of it — no matter how it’s explained.

Maybe the reason we critics won’t take the District’s word for anything has a little to do with the Districts arrogantly turning its back on any request for compromise. Maybe its because of lies told by District officials. Maybe it has to do with the stonewalling of people, including minority school board members, who have requested information. Maybe its because the District failed to anticipate the host of predictable problems (often self generated) to keep the District on an even keel. And just maybe its because the public was misinformed about just about every aspect of the Red Plan starting four years ago. Could the Duluth News Tribune have had anything to do with that?

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